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The Infinite Fusion Calculator is here. With this calculator, you can fuse different Pokémon together and calculate their combined stats, abilities, and more!!! Custom sprites in green are made by artists, from the Infinite Fusion Discord and Reddit. Generated sprites in red are from Japeal.

Sample Mon 1 / Sample Mon 2
HP: 100
ATK: 120
DEF: 90
SPE.ATK: 110
SPEED: 100
TOTAL: 600
ABILITY: Sample Ability
Hidden Ability

x4: Water, Electric
x2: Ice, Psychic
x1: Normal, Fighting
x0.5: Grass, Electric
x0.25: Rock, Bug
x0: Ground
Sample Mon 2 / Sample Mon 1
HP: 80
ATK: 110
DEF: 95
SPE.ATK: 130
SPE.DEF: 100
TOTAL: 605
ABILITY: Another Ability
Hidden Ability 2

x4: Fire, Ground
x2: Bug, Poison
x1: Rock, Flying
x0.5: Steel, Grass
x0.25: Ice, Bug

Working of Pokemon Fusion Fan Game

Only works with natives mons available in Pokémon Infinite Fusion v5 ! This project was created by SDM0 developer, then maintained by Aegide.
The data used is from the game, but is mostly based on generation 7. Autogen fusions were extracted and fixed by Aegide.

I have reached out to Japeal and received their permission to utilize a specific set of sprites related to Infinite Fusion. Before utilizing any of the autogen sprites, I recommend reaching out to them on Twitter to establish the necessary permissions and agreements.

Are you a Pokémon enthusiast who has ever wondered what happens when two Pokémon combine their powers? If so, then welcome to Infinite Fusion Calculator version 5 website is here to quench your curiosity and provide you with an exciting and interactive experience. With this calculator, you can fuse different Pokémon together and calculate their combined stats, abilities, and more!

Presenting Pokémon Fusion Generator, which stands as a captivating online phenomenon, accessible through a dedicated server site that enthusiasts can easily discover with a quick search on Google. This unique page serves as an unofficial hub for Pokémon lovers, offering an immersive experience that goes beyond the traditional realms of the Pokémon card game. It operates as an expansive resource where we and you can experiment with different Pokémon combinations. The generator’s ability to effortlessly combine creatures from various generations and types ensures an endless array of possibilities to explore and customize, making each creation a distinctive work of art.

At its core, this calculator isn’t just a mere online tool; it’s a dynamic server that fosters a sense of community among users. Beyond solo exploration, this site encourages social engagement by providing a platform to challenge other players online, turning fusion into a strategic and competitive endeavor. This page seamlessly blends creativity and strategy, offering not only a space for individual expression but also a virtual arena for strategic battles. Regular updates and the incorporation of new features ensure that users are continually enticed to return, always finding something fresh to explore and incorporate into their creations. This generator, with its characteristic blend of immersion and customization, has become a prominent resource in the online community, captivating users with its latest offerings and strategic depth.

What is the Infinite Fusion Calculator Finder?

This Calculator app is a web-based application designed for Pokémon gaming fans who are curious about the potential outcomes of fusing two Pokémon together. It’s a handy tool that allows you to select two Pokémon from the vast Pokémon universe (where new Pol are added regularly) and see what their fusion would look like, along with detailed information about their stats, abilities, and weaknesses.

How Does It Work?

Using the Infinite Fusion Calculator is easy and fun! Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Select Pokémon: Choose two Pokémon players from the available list using the user-friendly dropdown menus or you may input the names by typings. These Pokémon can be from different generations and types.
  2. Randomize: Feeling lucky? You can also use the “Random” buttons to random Pokemon for fusion. There’s one button for each Pokémon slot.
  3. Fuse: Once you’ve chosen your Pokémon, click the “Fuse” button to see the fascinating result of generated unique fusion! The calculator will obtain the fused Pokémon’s image, combined stats, and more.
  4. Reset: Want to start fresh? Press “Reset” button link clears your selections and allows you to start again.

Dive into the Details

The Infinite Fusion Calculator provides you with a comprehensive view of the fused Pokemon’s attributes and features:

Fusion Stats and Features

The calculator displays the following stats for your fused Pokémon:

  • HP: Hit Points, representing the Pokémon’s health.
  • ATK: Attack, indicating the strength of physical attacks.
  • DEF: Defense, reflecting the Pokémon’s ability to withstand attacks.
  • SPE.ATK: Special Attack, showing the power of special moves.
  • SPE.DEF: Special Defense, measuring resistance to special moves.
  • SPEED: Speed, determining the order of actions in battles.
  • TOTAL: The total sum of all stats, providing an overall view of the Pokémon’s prowess.

Abilities and Weaknesses

Discover the abilities and weaknesses of your fused creature:

  • ABILITY: Learn about the primary ability that your fused monster possesses.
  • HIDDEN ABILITY: If available, the hidden ability of the fused monster will also be revealed.

Below are the type-based weaknesses and power distributions of your fused monster:

  • x4: The types that are four times more effective against your monster.
  • x2: The types that are twice as effective against your Pokémon.
  • x1: The regular effectiveness against your Pokémon.
  • x0.5: The types that are half as effective against your monster.
  • x0.25: The types that are a quarter as effective against your creature.
  • x0: The types that have no effect against your creature.

Try It Out!

Curious to see what happens when you fuse a Water-type with an Electric-type Pokémon? Or maybe a Fire-type with a Grass-type? This calculator lets you explore countless fusion possibilities and uncover the unique combinations that await.


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